I love telling stories and telling them in ways that make readers think, care, and take action.

I’m a journalist at heart and by training: 

I spent my early career in journalism, and when I started working in marketing, I was shocked by the poor quality of copy and lack of dynamic writing. In 2018, I decided to bring my experience in professional writing and storytelling to the market, and this was how Laurel Content was born. 

I started Laurel Content because I was fed up with sad and boring marketing content. 

Lynn Anderson Davy

I use my writing, editing, and marketing skills to hone your content so there’s no grammatical error, no messaging misstep, and no doubt that you are the leader, boss, expert in whatever it is that you do. 

I deliver writing and content that is ready to go upon delivery. I take a lot of time to understand the project before starting, which allows for no back and forth edits and revisions. Because of my background in print journalism, I create an editorial journey that is smooth and efficient, from conception to final draft. I know how to create content that brings the right amount of detail and description. I know which voices to include and which voices to mute.

Laurel Content's Approach